Surfaces for Retail

From front to back of house, Wilsonart can help retail locations of all kinds make a long-lasting statement by making the products the star of every space.

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Making Experiences a One-Stop Shop

When a customer enters a retail spacewhether it's a store, market, bank or boutiquethey step into an experience.

This experience has the potential to captivate the sense, build brand affinity and meaningful connections.

At Wilsonart, we believe materials can help heighten each experience.That's why we offer a wide variety of surface choices, made for any brand, in any space.

And as our own one-stop shop, we understand the importance of being able to meet tight timelines and budgets while still achieving the highest of expectations.

Good Design Always Checks Out

Given the convenience of online shopping, the retail experience can no longer afford to be strictly transactional.

And materials must do more than fill a space. They must help turn visitors into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers for many years to come.

From durable and beautiful surfaces like LaminateSolid Surface, and Quartz to access to boundless creativity with Specialty Surfaces, Wilsonart is always pushing the boundaries of innovation to create materials that offer performance and evergreen style.

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