Surfaces for Healthcare

At Wilsonart, we know the mission of every healthcare organization is to provide patient-centered care that is effective, medically relevant, and operationlly efficient. That's why we offer a broad collection of surfaces to address Disinfection, Durability and Design challenges.

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Every Patient Has an Experience

Surfaces that are designed for safety, efficiency, and patient comfort play a key role in creating a positive tone within healthcare built environments.

That's because the aesthetics of a waiting area, the quality of the surfaces, and the feel of a space can set a tone that either enhances or reverses the development of trust required to deliver outstanding medical care.

And in order for the patient-provider relationship to be a central focus, surfaces should effortlessly support critical performance requirements, provide durability of design and be applied in the correct application.

A shift from provider-centered care to patient-centered care is revolutionizing the way new healthcare facilities are being designed.

Improve the Experience with Wilsonart

Materializing this built environment is all about utilizing design that incorporates evidence-based surface solutions—creating a canvas for providers to deliver on an exceptional experience.

LaminateSolid Surface, and Quartz, can help meet the functional demands of the space while also promoting rest and recovery for staff, patients and caregivers.

When beautifully integrated, Wilsonart's surfaces address critical elements required of all surfaces in healthcare built environments and help support a positive outcome.

Find out more about how Wilsonart can help you meet needs, desires and budgets for your next project.


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