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What phone number should I call for general information about a product?

Contact a Wilsonart Sales or Customer Service Representative in your local area, or feel free to call our Wilsonart Customer Service Hotline at 800-433-3222.

Can I buy FSC Certified HPL from Wilsonart?

Yes. Wilsonart HPL can be purchased in both standard and FSC Certifed versions.

Where do I find FSC® information and certificates?

Visit www.wilsonart.com for more information. This page contains a list of certifications for Wilsonart products. You can also visit the Technical Resources section of our website and browse each product for sustainability info. For HPL, click here.

Is Wilsonart HPL CARB II compliant?

All HPL is exempt from CARB Phase II Compliant requirements due to the low emission levels of HPL.

Can Wilsonart fill out my LEED paperwork?

No. However, we can provide you or your fabricator with certification documents that support your LEED documentation.

Does the UL GREENGUARD Certification for HPL qualify for LEED points?

While Wilsonart provides UL GREENGUARD Certification that HPL is a low-emitting product, the UL certification does not qualify the product for LEED 2009 (v3) points. LEED 2009 credits might be possible for the entire finished product where HPL is used in conjunction with a qualifying wood composite substrate and qualifying adhesive. However, this certification would need to be provided by the manufacturer of the complete system. Wilsonart works closely with fabricators of finished products to insure they have the information they need to pursue credits on the final product.

Is there such a thing as a formaldehyde-free laminate?

No. Wood and wood-based products contain a certain level of formaldehyde as do many fruits and vegetables, such as apples and green onions.

Does the Wilsonart HPL meet the “NAUF” requirement for past and ongoing projects registered under LEED 2009?

As a laminate, Wilsonart HPL is exempt from reporting NAUF content. NAUF certification needs to be requested from the manufacturer of the finished article who will include the substrate (wood panel), adhesive, HPL decorative surface, backer, edgebanding and other components into a certification for the finished product.

What do NAF, NAUF and ULEF mean?

NAF stands for No Added Formaldehyde. NAUF stands for No Added Urea Formaldehyde. ULEF stands for Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde.

What are the LEED 2009 (v3) Indoor Air credits and which apply to HPL?

While some product websites indicate that laminate LEED v3 indoor air credits by not having NAUF, this is not the case. A brief summary of the four LEED 2009 Indoor Air Quality Credits are shown below:

- IEQ Credit 4.1 applies to Adhesives and Sealants

- IEQ Credit 4.2 applies to Paints and Coatings (NOT NAUF related).

- IEQ Credit 4.3 applies to Flooring Systems, and

- IEQ Credit 4.4 applies to Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products (which excludes HPL)